zeevonk is a Berlin based, experimental platform for music, visual arts and food. we organise events and curate podcast series with a focus on electronic music and sustainability, but in a constant exploration of new topics and possibilities.

with a a special care for closeness and warmth, we wish to uphold a shared platform that holds our values closely, where we can experiment, challenge artists we admire and bring collective ideas to life, all the while raising awareness on the topics that matter most to us.

zeevonk, which literally translates to sea sparkle, is the dutch word for Noctiluca, a bioluminescent phytoplankton that glows on the surface of the sea, when exposed to movement.

noun, plural noc·ti·lu·cae [nok-tuh-loo-see].

a dinoflagellate of the genus Noctiluca, capable of producing light and, in groups, of causing a luminous appearance of the sea.



in many ways it resembles the way we experience music, art and parties. sparks in the midst of our day to day lives, moments of pure joy and beauty, somewhat magical. that which helps us hold on through whatever challenges we face and reminds us of how much we glow when we stand together, exposed to what moves us deeply.

we are Robbin Remers, a DJ, community manager, food and tea enthusiast and Gabriela Müller, an event manager, UX designer and photographer.